About Us

Dream Nail Store is an Australian nail supply store inspired by a nail tech's dream to have trending and unique nail art at affordable costs, without waiting or paying for international delivery.

Our mission is to provide all the latest trending art to Australian nail techs at a low cost and fast shipping.

So if I client sends an inspiration pic a week before, you know you’ll be able to stock the art by the time the appointment comes around.


How was Dream Nail Store founded and why?

At the start of my career, I had a few messages asking where I got my supplies/ art from as it was hard to find and realised there’s not much available in Australia. I realised how hard it was to get trending nail art in Australia fast at an affordable cost. I had clients messaging me with inspiration pictures one week before their appointment and I wasn’t able to get art on time for their appointment. 

I spent my free time researching and sourcing products for the next big nail trend so I could be ready and thought to myself why not provide this to other nail techs who are struggling with the same thing. 

So here we are, after months of sourcing and testing products, we’re able to bring you your next go to supply store.

We’re still at the start of out journey, but have lots of projects up and coming to make this your dream one stop nail store 🤍